Salter: Term limits push in Mississippi begins again

The current push for term limits comes despite the fact only 15 states in the U.S. have legislative term limits. In Mississippi, the governor and lieutenant governor are already limited to two terms. The lieutenant governor can, after two terms, sit out a term and then run again.

At the heart of the term limits battle is the notion Mississippi voters don’t have sense enough to choose their own legislative representation and that because of that perceived inability to make the right decision, we need the political baby food of term limits to restrict our choices.

If you like the idea of term limits for politicians that go beyond the simple right and duty to vote, which is, after all, the only term limit our founding fathers believed would be necessary, then you likely subscribe to the notion that you dismiss a capable family doctor, lawyer, plumber or any other professional after eight years for the mere fact it’s “time for some new blood.”

Term limits is a gimmick, pure and simple. Mississippians have proven more than able to govern their own affairs at the ballot box without the political pabulum of term limits.