SALTER – The liberal double standard over protests

When protesters from the left — environmentalists, labor unions, the pro-choice lobby, civil rights advocates, health care reform advocates, anti-war activists, you name it — take to the streets, disrupt speeches or public meetings or shout down speakers, it’s hailed as political activism and noble expressions of dissent. Most of the time, those protests are cloaked in the most noble of terms: “Speaking truth to power.”

But when protesters from the right — TEA party organizers, the pro-life lobby, gun owners, veterans groups, fiscal conservatives, capitalists, free marketers and anti-immigration groups — take to the streets, disrupt speeches, or shout down speakers, they are tarred by the federal government as right-wing extremists and it is suggested that their ideas are subversive in nature. is billed as “Democracy in action.”

But the National Taxpayers Union and similar organizations are part of the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

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