David Landrum: A mixed bag on criticisms…

David Landrum, the Madison County businessman who has spent so much money on TV commercials in the 3rd District Congressional campaign, is drawing fire from his fellow Republican candidates. That’s likely because his poll numbers are looking pretty good these days. Landrum has to be considered on the the frontrunners at this point and his media campaign has been excellent.

But what about the criticism from Landrum’s opponents?

Short answers?

1)David Landrum has given money to Ronnie Musgrove, but he gave far more to Haley Barbour and other Republicans. Landrum said he gave Musgrove the 2003 money because business friends were interested in tort reform. But Musgrove’s tort reform special session was in 2002, not 2003. That inconsistency hasn’t been explained.

2)David Landrum’s personal voting record remains vague and documents he released today purporting to knock down that criticism from his opponents didn’t get the job done. But Landrum hasn’t dodged questions about it.

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