Jim Hood and Entergy: Compare and contrast…

Third, Entergy faces the task of refuting Hood’s allegations before the PSC or the FERC. But they also face the task of refuting Hood’s allegations in the court of public opinion. In that court, Hood is enjoying remarkable success.

Finally, for many, the disconnect comes when it is obvious the zeal that Hood can muster for going after a public utility that he believes has broken trust with the state’s ratepayers and taxpayers given the blind eye Hood has turned to documented instances in which his largest campaign contributors have broken trust with the state’s taxpayers. Had Hood chosen to go after Dickie Scruggs, Joey Langston, Tim Balducci, Steve Patterson and others implicated in those public corruption scandals with the same zeal he’s gone after Entergy, there would have been far less skepticism regarding his assumption of the proper role of the PSC and the PSC staff.

Sid Salter
Clarion Ledger