Joey Langston’s momma says FBI didn’t search her son’s home

Booneville attorney Joey Langston mother, Mrs. Dot Langston, has become a reliable source over the last six months in exchanges of phone calls and voice mails regarding new coverage about her son. She is a very warm, very intelligent woman and a fiercely loyal mother.

Mrs. Langston says I got it wrong in my recent blog, that the FBI didn’t search Joey Langston’s home — just the Langston Law firm office. While Joey hasn’t commented, I’d trust Mrs. Langston’s word in this matter. She’s never misrepresented anything in our prior discussions.

Mrs. Langston also says that Tim Balducci was never Joey Langston’s partner, only his associate. That relationship remains in some dispute based on legal documents floating around the blogosphere, but I want Mrs. Langston to have her say in the matter.

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