Landrum: Madison County election commissioner purged voter rolls

Madison County election commissioner purged some 10,000 names from the Madison County voter rolls over the weekend — and two of the names purged were David and Jill Landrum.

After being notified of District 1 Election Commissioner Sue Sautermeister’s actions, Madison County Circuit Clerk Lee Westbrook told one of our reporters that she had restored their names to the Madison County rolls and that all of the names would be restored.

David Landrum has been registered to vote in Madison County since Sept. 30, 2007, according to Madison County records. The Madison County election commissioner who took their names off the rolls has yet to explain her actions other than to claim that she was within her rights to purge the rolls. She also hasn’t said why she did it, although the purging of voter rolls is a duty of election commissioners.

Sautermeister has some explaining to do.

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