Legal fee dispute- Microsoft Version 1.0

Microsoft Corp.’s settlement of an antitrust lawsuit filed by the state of Mississippi will result in a payment of $40 million in about 40 days and another $60 million in vouchers to buy software and computers with Microsoft products for Mississippi schools, businesses, local governments and individual customers.
Kudos all around for Attorney General Jim Hood, right? Not necessarily. Look for Republicans to begin blasting the $10 million in legal fees just as they did in Hood’s prior MCI settlement — in which the same legal issue over bypassing the Legislature in appropriating legal fees is already before the courts involving the MCI settlement as Republican State Auditor Stacey Pickering, in his capacity as state auditor, is pressing the legal fee issue in the case of the State of Mississippi v. The Langston Law Firm. Look for the same political fireworks in both cases.

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