Musgrove is the “public official”: 16-count Beef Plant indictment released today

Campaign contributions connected to the failed beef plant went to Musgrove’s 2003 gubernatorial campaign – which got a total of $59,000 in campaign contributions related to the beef plant project in addition to the $1,000 from Carothers.

The Facility Group and Moultrie made no other Mississippi campaign contributions in 2003, according to the watchdog group The Clarion-Ledger has previously reported that the Facility Group of Smyrna, Ga., acted as project manager for the beef plant after the Mississippi Development Authority hired it in June 2003 for $3.2 million. The Facility Group Political Action Committee then donated $45,000 to Musgrove’s re-election bid in August and September 2003.

Those donations came after Facility Group chairman and CEO Robert Moultrie made an individual donation of $2,000 on July 24, 2003, to Musgrove’s campaign.

But this column has learned that Facility Management Group Inc. also gave Musgrove $1,000 on July 24, 2003, while a total of 11 other Facility Group senior executives individually gave Musgrove $1,000 contributions each on that same July 24, 2003, date, bringing Musgrove’s total beef plant related campaign contributions to $60,000.

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