Sam R. Hall: Reeves, Gunn have bridge to build

My initial reaction to the Senate pulling back the Medicaid reauthorization bill, adding crucial technical amendments outside the expressed special session call by the governor and then going home was that Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves was essentially doing an end-run around the governor with a one-finger salute, to boot.

I still maintain it was an end-run around the governor’s not expanding the special session call, but now I believe the finger was aimed at House Speaker Philip Gunn instead of Gov. Phil Bryant.

A meeting between the state’s top three leaders that Friday, just before the end of the session, is now something of minor legend among Capitol politicos. Supposedly the only three people there were Bryant, Gunn and Reeves — though some say a governor’s aide or two were present — so only a very few know what actually happened behind closed doors. Nevertheless, most agree there was plenty of yelling and colorful language.

Sam Hall