On Chris McDaniel, Hillary Clinton and the Las Vegas shooting

It’s not about politics

I’m not one who believes it is uncouthe to talk “politics” in the aftermath of a tragedy. People are discussing policy, and policy is brought about through politics. That is how our system works. I do think giving it a day would have been wise, but that’s not how our society works anymore. All sides are this way, sadly.

Nor do I care that McDaniel was putting forth a defense of the 2nd Amendment. Just as I don’t care that Clinton was talking about the silencer bill. What side of any given debate someone falls on doesn’t really matter when it comes to discussing policy issues.

It’s about political acumen

What I pointed out was that McDaniel never once tweeted about the masacre or the victims but instead went straight into politics.

For those who asked, “What about Clinton?” Well, I went back and looked. Clinton’s first tweet on the subject had nothing to do with politics. Arbitrary or not, her first comment was the right way to handle the situation and the way most every other leader who spoke out handled it.

Sam Hall
Clarion Ledger