After our post this morning, MS Democrat Party Executive Director Sam Hall responded to my post this morning on his rather ill-thought out post yesterday.

In it, he wants answers. GRRRR.

His “unanswered” question is:

So, my question still remains, who can criticize Sen. Thad Cochran?

At YP, we’re all about transparency and to the point answers. To him my response is (and I know you’re all waiting with baited breath), ANYONE WHO WANTS TO. I honestly don’t care. I speak for no one but myself and on this issue, I have not said a word. Not a peep. Thad Cochran has been a US Senator for 30 years and he’s a big boy and can answer for himself. Take it up with his office. But I do know this . . . he was Chairman and is now Ranking Member of Senate Appropriations. He does more in a typical day for Mississippi than Hall has done in a career for Mississippi.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and since Sam Hall seems to be so interested in asking and answering questions, I have a few questions for Sam of my own.

1. Should the Democrat Party and Democrat candidates eschew trial lawyer money or influence as he asserted in 2003?

2. Should the party or its candidates refund money from jailed felons convicted of bribing public officials?

3. Should the Party ask trial lawyers like Barbara Blackmon and his boss Jamie Franks leave the leadership of the Party even though they are, by all accounts, trial lawyers?

4. Should the Democrat Party hold loyalty tests to the National Democrat Party candidates like Obama, Reid and Pelosi and their liberal agenda (like they tried with George Dale) or even voters as the Executive Committee of the MS Democrat Party attempted in 2007?

Simple yes or no answers would be just fine.

Meanwhile, if attacking YallPolitics in a blog fight is what Executive Director of the Democrat Party of MS has sunk to, things are much worse there than I thought.