Haskell mixes pageant and politics

“I don’t think (“Miss America”) is controversial at all, and the reason it has been around for 90 years is because we have managed to find a way to keep it relevant while maintaining the tradition,” Haskell says.

Haskell may soon find himself in the less-civil world of a political campaign for governor or senator — something that has long been rumored. A year ago he and his family moved back to their native Mississippi, where he’s friends with that state’s governor, Haley Barbour.

“There are a lot of people in my home state who have asked me if I am interested in a political run one day, and the answer is yes, I am interested,” Haskell says. “I have got to establish my residency in Mississippi, which I am only one year into now. And once that is established, we will figure it out.”