Sam R. Hall: Blue Cross made enemies of gov., attorney general

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi isn’t endearing itself to many folks — especially not Gov. Phil Bryant and Attorney General Jim Hood.

That BCBS has Bryant and Hood working together should tell you exactly what kind of public and governmental relations nightmare the insurance giant has cooked up for itself. Bryant and Hood both feel snubbed and professionally insulted by BCBS, particularly CEO Carol Pigott. Word from persons close to Bryant and to Hood tell similar stories:

Each reached out to Pigott in an attempt to bridge the gap between BCBS and Health Management Associates. Neither ever heard back from Pigott.

The governor’s attempt to reach out to BCBS was documented in a letter he sent to BCBS that was made public when the insurance company filed a preemptive court action to block Bryant from interfering in the private dispute. (Before a judge could act, Bryant issued an executive order, to which BCBS responded by filing for a temporary restraining order in federal court.)

Sam Hall