Sam R. Hall: Differences between GOP leaders may unfold on Medicaid

Gov. Phil Bryant made an impressive political move with his special session call, but whether or not it will work is yet to be seen.

At one point, the governor was considering dividing the reauthorization and funding of Medicaid into three bills instead of into the typical two. The reason was that he had the votes to get partial reauthorization and funding passed but not the whole thing. Then he would roll the dice and try to run Medicaid by executive order.

That was a fool-hardy idea, and it was smart of him not to go that route. Even smarter, however, was making the call for a special session extremely specific where it relates to reauthorization of Medicaid. In the proclamation calling the special session, Bryant said lawmakers should amend only the subsection of the Medicaid code that deals with the repealer. In other words, he cited the specific paragraph that says Medicaid will end each year on June 30 unless the Legislature says otherwise.

Clarion Ledger