Sam R. Hall: Medicaid should be reauthorized and funded this week

The seemingly never-ending debate over Medicaid reauthorization should be coming to a conclusion. Should be.

It’s to the point now that everyone involved in this sad affair needs to stop the posturing and just do their jobs.

Gov. Phil Bryant needs to call a special session for the reauthorization and funding of Medicaid. No need to split the proposal into three bills. Just do it as it’s always been done — one bill for reauthorization and one bill for funding.

Yes, there will be debate on expansion. Yes, there should be debate on expansion. No, it won’t pass.

Then, once debate has been had and the bill is ready to pass, Democrats should do the right thing and vote to reauthorize Medicaid and fund it. Don’t block the bill just because expansion is not in it. We need a Medicaid program come July 1, and the one we’ve had for years is better than nothing.

Sam Hall