McDaniel vs. Cochran: Which ‘I don’t know’ is worse?

Really? You want to be a U.S. Senator from Mississippi, and you don’t automatically and emphatically answer a question about Katrina aid with, “I absolutely would have supported federal aid to rebuild Mississippi after the most devastating national disaster of my lifetime!”

You want to talk about out-of-touch, which is what McDaniel supporters call Cochran because he brushed off a tea party question? Ask most anyone south of I-20 who is more out of touch with Mississippi values:

1.Someone who says they don’t know much about the tea party, or
2.Someone who says they don’t know if they would have voted for aid to rebuild sewer systems, water lines, roads, bridges, homes and businesses after Hurricane Katrina.

Better yet, just wait until either the Cochran campaign or a supporting Super PAC blasts this all over TV and then go check your poll numbers. It will be clear.

Sam Hall
Clarion Ledger