As hard as it may be for some to fathom, just say it with me now: “President Trump”

Might as well get use to it.

Republican nominee Donald Trump easily carried Mississippi as expected and outperformed any model nationally by a long shot pulling off what is arguably the biggest upset in American political history.

Trump, who has never served in the military or government at any level, will be the 45th POTUS and the first without such experience.

In addition, Republicans held their majorities in the US Senate and House.

Mississippi’s own Senator Roger Wicker as head of the NRSC deserves every accolade he receives for his efforts to retain the Senate majority under extreme circumstances this election cycle, a feat many saw as almost impossible when this all began. In fact, in my opinion, Wicker should be named the Majority Leader for his work.

All four of Mississippi’s Congressmen cruised to reelection, also as expected.

Throwing the kitchen sink at MS04 Congressman Steve Palazzo in the waning days of the election didn’t work for the Libertarian and the GOP wanna-runs.

Now, we in Mississippi will wait to see if our own Gov. Phil Bryant is courted away to DC in the Trump administration. Bryant has neither confirmed or denied the rumor of his being a possible pick for Secretary of Agriculture but he’s been an active Trump surrogate for months, fueling the talk.

Other races of note:

John Brady and Bobby Chamberlin will meet in a North Mississippi state Supreme Court runoff.

Incumbent Jim Kitchens dug out a win over MSGOP backed Kenny Griffis, handing Mississippi Democrats their only bright spot of the night.

Bryant appointee Dawn Beam easily won her election to the MSSC.

Both Legislative special elections are heading to a runoff. HD89 has Donnie Scoggin and Ron Swindall. HD106 has John Glen Corley and Greg Holcomb. The runoff election will be November 29.