Bill could give Jackson extra $21 million

Senate Bill 2525 passed the Senate, 49-1, and was sent March 3 to the House to create the Capitol Complex Improvement District. The bill passed the first hurdle in the House by passing out of committee. It now awaits action by the full House, where a mirror House bill filed by state Rep. Bill Denny, R-Jackson, passed, 116-3, earlier this month. The House bill has been sent to the Senate.

“We are glad to see our state representatives and senators championing this piece of legislation on behalf of Jackson as it represents true and laudable investment into the future of this state’s Capital,” Mayor Tony Yarber said. “Citywide, we know that there is a need to improve critical infrastructure. This includes water and waste water infrastructure, storm water drainage, (and) complete street work — like resurfacing and bike lanes and upgrades to curbing and sidewalks to better meet the needs of our disabled community and pedestrians.”