Thermal Cameras Help JPD Capture Robbery Suspects

Officer Lonnie Arinder was in the woods searching.

“We were determined,” Arinder said. “I don’t know if it was my pride or something else, but we were going to get these guys. I am glad we did.”

Metro One was able to track the men at night using its FLIR camera system.

“You could see the heat source, but you couldn’t make out it was a person,” said Metro One tactical pilot Andy Robinson. “But I had tracked that individual to the area.”

For more than two hours, officers trekked through dense brush and jumped over creeks in the dark.

“Mostly it was a highly dense, wooded area that you couldn’t see in front of you,” Sgt. Tamara Milliken said.

The officers said they have scratches and bug bites from their time in the woods.

“We had safety in mind, because as soon as we turned on our flashlights, we were a walking target,” said Kevin Nash, of the Jackson Police Department Precinct 1. “That was exactly we wanted was our eyes to get adjusted to the dark.”

Eventually, Metro One led officers to 28-year-old Timothy Payne and 24-year-old Antonio Gorden.

Police said Payne had stripped down to his underwear and climbed a tree to get away.