Scarbinsky: New Auburn football staff shows it’s a young man’s game

Thank heaven for Phillip Lolley.
His return to the Auburn coaching staff does something almost as important as completing the staff eight weeks after Gene Chizik started piecing it together.

It gives the staff at least one assistant coach who’s older than the head coach.
And the head coach isn’t old. He’s four months younger than me.
Chizik is 47, which makes him a puppy in Bobby Bowden years. With the exception of the 54-year-old Lolley, Chizik went for energy and enthusiasm over age and experience in hiring his assistants.
Consider the ages of the other Auburn football staffers:
Ted Roof: 45. Gus Malzahn and Curtis Luper: 43. Tracy Rocker: 42. Jeff Grimes: 40. Trooper Taylor and Tommy Thigpen: 38. Jay Boulware: 36.