Scarbinsky: No Saban to Notre Dame gossip?

TUSCALOOSA — Nick Saban should be insulted.

He should be so angry, every headset from here to Auburn should be very, very afraid.

How many undefeated regular seasons does the guy have to stack on top of each other to get a little respect?

Of all the slights Saban’s received, this one may be the biggest.

The Notre Dame job appears ready to come open in less than a week, and absolutely no major media outlet has mentioned the Alabama coach as a potential candidate.

Never mind that he’s Catholic.

And that he’s one of the top three coaches in college football.

And that he’s Catholic.

And that Notre Dame finds itself in the exact same position as Alabama three years ago, in serious need of a proven winner to restore a faded power to its former glory.

And did I mention that he’s Catholic?

If someone close to the Fighting Irish doesn’t pick up the phone and call someone close to Saban, at least to check his pulse, then Notre Dame isn’t as smart as it would like you to think.