Schiefelbein: New football hires up to speed in SEC

As LSU head coach Les Miles went about rebuilding his defensive staff, one theme — having experience in the Southeastern Conference — emerged.
“You come from some of the other major conferences, you don’t know what to expect,” Miles said. “These guys get it.”

Miles, with strong Big 10 roots and coming to LSU from the Big 12, went through the process himself.
“One time through,” Miles said. “After I saw them all, I said, ‘Yep, this is kind of how I figured it would be.’”
Granted, Miles fared outstandingly in that first season, going 11-2 in 2005. The two losses came in his first SEC game, a 30-27 overtime loss to Tennessee in the first game back in Tiger Stadium after Hurricane Katrina, and his first SEC title game, a 34-14 loss to Georgia.