Scruggs’ attorneys expect to see case against him soon

The affidavits for a search warrant and copies of recorded conversations will arrive via the U.S. Postal Service, said Ashland attorney Tony Farese, who is representing Scruggs’ son, Zach, in the six-count indictment issued Nov. 28.

“We are looking forward to receiving all the discovery so that we can proceed with our case,” Farese said late Tuesday.

First reported on Tuesday morning, U.S. Senior Judge Neal B. Biggers ordered federal prosecutors to allow defense counsel a “limited” unsealing of applications and affidavits “for a search warrant and orders authorizing the interception of wire communications and a disc containing intercepted communications” relating to the case.

The prosecution is under a Dec. 27 deadline to complete handing over the evidence set by Biggers on Dec. 5 when he scheduled a Jan. 22 trial date.

Indicted with Scruggs and his son are Oxford attorney Sidney Backstrom, former state auditor Steven Patterson and New Albany attorney Timothy Balducci. All have pleaded not guilty, except Balducci, who changed his not-guilty plea to guilty on one count and is assisting the government.

NE Miss Daily Journal