Scruggs II trial: Joey Langston direct examination

Asked when he first became concerned about the effort about DeLaughter becoming a judge: At Scruggs’s arraignment in the Lackey case, Mr. Dawson came over and said that he thought that there might be some 404(b) evidence involving Langston that could be a problem that might result in Langston not being able to represent Scruggs. At first, Langston did not know what that might be referring to him. “As we moved forward, I began to think it might involve the DeLaughter case. I remember having conversations with Scruggs about that. It’s the first time I remember thinking about it.” Langston said ‘to my knowledge nothing ever went to” DeLaughter. Langston said that “If Ed Peters did something with Bobby DeLaughter, I didn’t know it.” As it developed further, during November and December of 2007, he was getting more information. Langston assured Dick there was nothing there, didn’t pay him anything, he didn’t ask for anything, we didn’t give him anything. Then he became aware there was an allegation about the federal judgeship. That’s the first time he remembers someone bringing up that the federal judgeship issue is the problem.

Langston knows that Lott made a call. Langston is not aware that anyone else did anything else.