Scruggs offers funds for fine

Attorney Dickie Scruggs wanted to pony up a $65,000 civil contempt fine that was due Thursday from two former insurance adjusters, Cori and Kerri Rigsby, but their former employer said the Rigsbys should pay the money.

U.S. District Judge William M. Acker Jr. ordered a hearing on the matter and extended the deadline for the fine to be paid to Alabama adjusting firm E.A. Renfroe.

Acker eventually ordered that the set of records given to Scruggs be returned to Renfroe. He levied the fine to cover Renfroe’s costs for pursuing the records.

Scruggs appealed the civil contempt fine. Meanwhile, Acker decided the Rigsbys would have to pay it. Scruggs said in a motion filed Thursday that he would pay the fine, but wanted the money back if his appeal is successful.

Renfroe argued it is entitled to collect the money from the Rigsbys and that Scruggs’ offer is “illusory” and conditioned on his appeal.

Acker set a hearing at 10 a.m., July 28 in Birmingham, where Renfroe filed the lawsuit almost two years ago. If Acker decides the Rigsbys should pay the fine, it will be due a day later. Renfroe’s contract case against the Rigsbys has yet to be tried.

Scruggs motion to pay Rigsbys’ fine

Renfroe objects

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