The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 12/26/7

While famed Oxford attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs and four others wait for the Feb. 25 start of their judicial bribery trial, political campaigns across America may be wondering if they will continue to reap the financial benefits of the successful law firms’ largesse.

Political sniping has begun in at least one state where Democrats have received money from Scruggs. In North Dakota, the Republicans recently criticized their state Democratic Party for accepting $10,000 from Scruggs.

Soon after the indictment, presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York canceled a Dec. 15 fundraiser set for the senior Scruggs’ Oxford mansion.

A brief search of the Federal Election Commission’s web site shows the five men have contributed some $262,911 to various federal campaigns and political causes since 2000. That figure does not cover state government campaigns, since the FEC only governs federal elections.