Scruggs Update

We noted earlier that the disqualified former SKG attorney Don Barrett had written his clients on April 18 to advise them that the Provost-Umphrey law firm (headquartered in Beaumont, Texas) had agreed to take over their cases. Both firms share a Nashville office. A May 10 Sun Herald story indicated that Provost-Umphrey had picked up about 200 of the firm’s approximately 400 former Katrina clients. However, State Farm contractor E. A. Renfroe on May 20 asked the court to determine if Provost-Umphrey is an “associated firm” in connection with the disqualification order. This was followed by a May 22 State Farm motion objecting to Provost-Umphrey’s appearance and asking the court to compel compliance with its previous motion of disqualification. In light of the associations between the two firms alleged in the memorandums supporting the motions, and the fact that Barrett provided client information to Provost-Umphrey and actively worked to move clients, it’s hard to see Judge Senter allowing Provost-Umphrey’s appearance to stand (Renfroe memorandum, State Farm memorandum, Sun Herald).

Letter of Apology