The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, 7/24/8

Richard “Dickie” Scruggs of Oxford and his son Zach are headed in different directions to serve prison time for their roles in a judicial bribery scandal that toppled their prestigious law firm.

Court documents released Wednesday show Dickie Scruggs, 62, will spend his 60 months in a federal facility in Ashland, Ky., while Zach Scruggs, 32, will spend his 14 months in Pensacola, Fla.

Tuesday, Zach asked to change his request from Pensacola to Forrest City, Ark., after he learned his father wasn’t eligible to be imprisoned there.

At his sentencing, the senior Scruggs had asked for Pensacola as a more convenient place his family could visit.

However, that outcome became unlikely after Zach’s legal motion Tuesday stated the Pensacola facility does not accept prisoners who can fly airplanes. His father is an experienced pilot.