Searching for the biggest game
When looking at the 2010 season, what is the best game to go to when you take all things into consideration (atmosphere, competition, etc.)?

That’s a tough call.

It would be easy to select Florida at Alabama on Oct. 2. That game matches the past two national champions, perhaps the nation’s premier coaches in Florida’s Urban Meyer and Alabama’s Nick Saban and could be a preview of the SEC championship game. It will be crazy.
But if it’s a crazy atmosphere you want, could anything be crazier than the one-day Mardi Gras that looms when Alabama visits LSU on Nov. 6? Any Alabama-LSU clash figures to be key in determining the SEC West winner. Add in how much LSU’s rabid fans want to see Saban, their former coach, lose to the Tigers and Death Valley will be even more electric than usual.