SEC 2010 // Can Les Miles Win Enough to Remain Employed?

Oftentimes, when you classify a coach as “on the hot seat,” at least portions of the fan base are going to react a predictable way: No he’s not, they will say, and proceed to list the reasons why their guy will not be fired no matter what happens next year — barring, of course, total disaster. I don’t sense the same hesitance among the LSU fans base when it comes to Les Miles. Even his supporters seem to concede that Miles needs to do well this year to not get ousted.

Sure, LSU had a fine season on the surface in 2009, as we’ve talked about all week, but there seemed to be something that wasn’t quite there — this was a nine-win team, but not a great nine-win team. Which presents me with a little bit of a problem here, because while I predict wins and losses and the likelihood of those wins and losses in the preseason, I don’t predict margins. The former is just fun; the latter is simply insane.