SEC commissioner refutes Wetherell’s push for a college football playoff

DESTIN — Earlier this month, Florida State University president T.K. Wetherell said a playoff system was forthcoming in college football.

Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive dismissed Wetherell’s opinion Friday, calling those claims “counterproductive.”

“Let me be very clear to tell you I don’t agree with the Florida State president,” said Slive, during the final day of SEC spring meetings at the Hilton Sandestin Resort. “I don’t support a playoff. President Wetherell’s statements were counterproductive because those who support a Plus-1 do not support a playoff.
“I never said playoff. I never used the ‘p’ word.”
Wetherell, one of seven panelists at a college football forum May 15-16 in Dallas, asserted a playoff structure was an eventual reality.

“I don’t think it’s going to be this year or next year or whenever, but it is going to happen, no doubt about it,” Wetherell said.
Slive recommended the NCAA use a “Plus-1” system, supported by a variety of other college administrators, at the annual Bowl Championship Series meeting in April.