SEC Primer: Urban Meyer and Nick Saban are Actually Underpaid

Meyer and Saban have already cemented themselves as top 10 coaches in SEC history, but outside of those two, who else is a great coach in this league? In other words, if you needed a coach for one game and couldn’t select Meyer or Saban, who would you pick and feel certain that your pick could match wits with the greatest coaches in the rest of the country?

The third best coach in the SEC isn’t an easy choice, right? And it’s not because there are so many great options. It’s because there are so few.

Lost amid the hubbub of the conference’s reign is this fact: the SEC has become a duopoly. Florida and Alabama are a combined 52-4 the past two seasons, and two of those four losses have come against each other. The rest of the mighty SEC has gone a combined 1-16 the past two years against Alabama and Florida. The only team to beat either program these years? Ole Miss by a single point, 31-30 in 2008.