Second Mississippi county agrees to trim voter rolls after lawsuit by conservative group

A second county in south Mississippi has agreed to clean up its inflated voter rolls after being sued by a conservative group that said the county failed to purge the names of people who had died, moved away or been convicted of disenfranchising felonies.

In a consent decree filed this past Friday in federal court, Jefferson Davis County said that by Jan. 31, it will identify people on the rolls who are no longer eligible to vote.

An Oct. 10 document from the secretary of state’s office shows the county has almost as many registered voters as it has residents of voting age.

The American Civil Rights Union, a conservative group based in Alexandria, Va., sued Jefferson Davis and Walthall counties in April, saying that both, at the time, had more registered voters than residents who were at least 18. The lawsuits said that under the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, better known as Motor Voter, counties have an obligation to keep accurate voter rolls for federal elections.