McComb, Miss.—Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, McComb Mayor Whitney Rawlings and members of the Pike County Board of Supervisors announced the auction of forty-one (41) parcels of tax-forfeited land, valued at $293,067.

“We are aggressively marketing tax forfeited properties. The City of McComb and Pike County are also committed to selling these properties and generating more money for their local tax rolls,” says Secretary Hosemann. “Tax forfeited properties are a drain on the community, the State, and your local tax rolls. I commend the city and county for their foresight and look forward to working with them on returning these properties to private use.”

Currently, the Secretary of State’s Office holds over $66.2-Million worth of property forfeited to the State for non-payment of ad valorem taxes. There is approximately $303,000 of tax forfeited property located in Pike County.

“We are thankful to the Secretary of State for initiating and encouraging the sale of these properties,” says Mayor Rawlings. “We are committed to getting these properties back on the tax rolls for a better city and county.”

“Pike County hopes this tax-forfeited land sale is a success and looks forward to working with Secretary Hosemann in his goal of returning these properties to productive use and to get them back on the tax rolls,” adds Andrew Alford, Pike County Administrator.

The goal of the Secretary of State’s Office is to work with local governments to determine which properties may be marketed for private ownership, and which properties may be transferred to local governments for public use.

To learn more on obtaining tax forfeited properties, please visit the Secretary of State’s website at: