Sell Madison courthouse? Some cautious of idea

The deal would save the county up to $2 million for repairs, says Bobby McMurtry of Barks Fek LLC. But county Comptroller Mark Houston says the cost of leasing the building for seven years would be at least equal to the county’s estimated cost of repairs.

Madison County supervisors say the option warrants consideration.

“We need to come together and develop a plan,” District 2 Supervisor Tim Johnson said. “We need to see if this is even viable.”

District 4 Supervisor Karl Banks said the county needs to have a list of what is needed for courthouse renovation and the costs. “We need to tie down what needs to be done.”

The county recently completed work on the large Greek Revival building to repair the leaking roof and cupola, which are now water tight, county Administrator Donnie Caughman said. The remaining repair work, estimated at $1.5 million to $2 million, is to repaint and add new molding to the interior, fill in mortar among the outside bricks and then paint the exterior. Currently, no county offices are in the building.