Sen. Chris McDaniel (R, Dist. 42) writing the Firearm Protection Act of 2013

A Jones County state senator is authoring a bill he says will preserve the rights of gun owners in Mississippi. It’s in response to a request from Gov. Phil Bryant that lawmakers adopt legislation that would defend 2nd Amendment rights against any executive action from President Obama.

Sen. Chris McDaniel (R, Dist. 42) is writing the Firearm Protection Act of 2013. He says it would mandate that no state agency would assist in the implementation of unconstitutional executive orders relating to gun rights.

McDaniel is also co-authoring two related bills.

“All of these pieces of legislation will be challenged, there’s no question about it,” McDaniel said. “But, it’s a debate we need to have in this country. Right now, we have a president that is exercising far too much authority, we have a federal government that is trying to do too much to too many people and do too many things,” he said.