Senator Chris McDaniel today announced a week-long series of events across Mississippi to discuss the official launch of a new political action committee. McDaniel said the United Conservatives Fund (UCF) was organized by conservative thought-leaders, grassroots volunteers and community leaders from across the state.

“Following what happened in the Republican Primary runoff for the U.S. Senate on June 24, 2014, Conservatives are more ready for mobilization and action than ever,” said McDaniel. “I have the enviable position of having the best of the best thought-leaders in the state and across the country ready to devote their time, money and effort to do what is needed to be sure the truth of conservatism is never again misrepresented by the politically powerful like it was here.”

McDaniel says the executive committee members and more details regarding the organizational structure and objectives of UCF will be announced in the next week at events across the state in a five-city tour.

“I said repeatedly over the past year that the campaign was not about me and I meant it. I know that can be a foreign concept for the politically and personally motivated,” said McDaniel. “My only political ambition today is what it has been all along; to make sure our conservative movement is strong and gaining ground, solving problems and communicating effectively. The working people of this state can and must unite for the survival of our republic. If we fight for one another then we will win together.”

McDaniel also commented on his personal political future.

“I understand that my name has been mentioned as a possible candidate for a number of different offices and I am considering those carefully with the counsel of my friends and family,” he added. “Whether

I run for higher office or not, it makes little difference unless other Conservatives are provided the resources and support to step up where they live.

“This task does not rest on any one man’s shoulders. Simply stated, if we are divided we will fail. My driving purpose right now is to make sure we are not divided, but united.”

Events will be held:

Friday: January 23, 6:00 PM
Tupelo City Hall: City Council Chambers
71 E Troy Street
Tupelo, MS.

Monday: January 26, 6:00 PM
Trustmark Park Holiday Inn
Pearl, MS

Tuesday: January 27, 6:00 PM
Fillin Station Grill
4840 Venture Drive
Southaven, MS

Thursday: January 29, 6:00 PM
Forrest County Chancery Building
641 North Main Street
Hattiesburg, MS

Friday: January 30, 6:00 PM
MS Gulf Coast
Location TBA