Miss. can lead in voting by encouraging citizen participation

Here are some changes Mississippi ought to make:

• Early voting. Already in place in 34 states, early voting reduces lines at the polling place and the need for sending absentee ballots through the mail, cutting down on the potential for fraud and making it easier for people to vote.

• Same-day voter registration. Now that a photo ID will be required to cast a ballot, Mississippi should adopt same-day voter registration, a practice allowed in 12 states. Once a citizen shows a current ID at the polling place, it is a simple process to complete a voter registration form and vote following a process already in place for affidavit balloting.

• Better information for voters. The state should provide a single website to answer basic questions such as: Who represents me? Where do I vote? What will be on the ballot on election day? Although some counties provide this information now, the state can easily do it for all 82 counties.

Sen. David Blount
Clarion Ledger Op-ED