Dear Friend,

I am pleased to share with you our TV ad focusing on some of things I’ve accomplished in the State Senate.

As your State Senator, I have worked with leaders in both parties to make Hinds County and Mississippi a better place to live. This commercial focuses on:

Blue Alert Law: Improving communication between state and local law enforcement when an officer is seriously injured or killed
Protecting victims of domestic violence and stalking
Outlawing dangerous new drugs (I serve as Vice Chairman of the Senate Drug Policy Committee)
Making it easier for our military personnel to vote by absentee ballot

I am running for re-election so that I can continue to work for you on important issues like these. Please forward this email to your family and friends in Hinds County.

Please go vote tomorrow.

Please take the time to go vote tomorrow. Your constitutional right to vote is too precious to be wasted.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work for you and ask for your vote on Tuesday.

Thank you,

David Blount
Mississippi Senate