As Chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus, I find it strange that this newly formed Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition has become so passionate about the education of minorities and that they believe our children are held to different standards.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We know that all children are able to learn through various methods.

It should be known that the same senators now raising concerns voted AGAINST the legislature’s historic move to fund pre-kindergarten programs in this state and our efforts to hire reading coaches who would have helped our lower performing schools to greatly improve – legislation meant to help all children regardless of race or circumstance.

Now, three years after the state invested countless resources to adopt higher standards meant to lift Mississippi from the bottom of educational performance, this “Coalition” wants to put the brakes on Common Core State Standards. I say consider the source.

These higher standards will put the students of Canton, Biloxi, Greenville, and Olive Branch on the same level playing field.

They will have the same opportunity for success in college and the workforce.

Mississippi’s children now have a shot at attaining a quality of education that allows them to compete for higher quality jobs.

Our parents and business leaders have asked us to improve our educational system. This is it. Our children deserve it.

While implementing the new standards won’t be easy, our state must stay the course that we have chosen. The opposition wants our public education to remain as is.

Hmm, I wonder if they’ve seen the same national statistics that I have.

District 21 Senator Kenneth Wayne Jones