Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus Chairman News Release

June 25, 2015

For Immediate Release

The Honorable Phil Bryant
Governor, State of Mississippi
501 North West Street
15th Floor, Woolfolk Building
Jackson, MS 39201

Dear Governor Bryant:

I as Chainman of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus request a Special Legislative Session to bring true dialogue and full resolution regarding the removal of the confederate emblem from the Mississippi state flag. In light of the recent actions of the Governors of South Carolina, Virginia and Alabama and conservative leadership of this state, we feel that this matter must be dealt with urgently. It is a travesty to continue to wave the present state flag, with its obvious divisive and violent connotations that resonate hatred in every headline across the nation; yet still defines our great state. While this has been proven time and time again, it was most recently depicted in the massacre at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

In an effort to serve all of the citizens of this great state, I urge you as our Chief Executive Officer to call a Special Legislative Session for the purpose of dialoguing and discussing the future of our State and how we are depicted in the eyes of the rest of the nation.
Governor Bryant, though it is long overdue, we must at this time, all come together to talk about the right thing to do.

Very truly yours,

Mississippi District 21 Senator
Kenneth Wayne Jones
Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus