WATSON: For Elected Officials who won’t roll up their sleeves– “shame on them”.

In a recent news report published in the Clarion Ledger on education, Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves questions the timing of the inquiry into Common Core standards by myself and my colleagues in the Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition. One might think based on his comments that bad policy has a statute of limitations by which it can no longer be challenged.

I find that premise to be ludicrous. Mississippians don’t want more political positioning, they want solutions, and as more information is made available we are finding that Common Core is not the solution for Mississippi. As is often the case, it is another example of government creating more complex problems.

The Lt. Governor was quoted in the article as saying: “For those individuals who were in the Legislature four years ago, who didn’t say anything but now decided they are going to complain — shame on them.”

Had the Lt. Governor asked someone who was in the legislature in 2010 before making such a reckless charge, he would have found that a vast majority of the legislature had never heard of Common Core.

Sen. Michael Watson