Wicker Appointed to Budget Conference

House, Senate Leaders Set to Negotiate Final Federal Spending Framework

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., a member of the Senate Budget Committee, has been appointed to be a conferee on the House-Senate committee responsible for ironing out differences between the chambers’ budget resolutions.

“Republicans are committed to passing a joint budget resolution that sets us on the path toward a balanced budget. We can do this in a way that expands economic growth, and increases opportunities for American families without raising taxes,” Wicker said. “We also have a chance to protect our national defense capabilities and military personnel from harsh sequestration cuts, which are set to return in October.”

Four amendments authored by Wicker in the “Budget Resolution,” S.Con.Res. 11, which passed the Senate on March 27, include:

Requiring CBO to perform long-term estimates of the budgetary effects of major spending legislation;

Reinforcing the “Magnitsky Act” by ensuring that the State Department identifies additional foreign nationals subject to the law;

Supporting research to identify the cause of Alzheimer’s, develop therapies to delay its onset or halt the progression of the disease, and ultimately find a cure; and

Expediting the award process under the IRS Whistleblower Award program for those who come forward with information on tax evasion.