Dear Congress, Give Trump His Defense Pick and Grant Mattis a Waiver

By Sen. Roger Wicker

I will be among those voting for Marine Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis to be the next Secretary of Defense. President-elect Donald Trump has picked the right man for right now.

Gen. Mattis has the record and reputation we need in a Secretary of Defense. He is a tried-and-true leader who has proven himself time and again on the battlefield, having commanded Marines during some of the most significant operations of the Persian Gulf War, the War on Terror, and the Iraq War. He is known for approaching difficult decisions with mettle and measure – bringing a deep devotion to the study of military history to his leadership roles.

One look at the military decorations awarded to Gen. Mattis and it is evident he has dedicated his life to the service of our country. But the praises and loyalty of his troops and peers convey another honor: genuine respect and admiration.

Who better to make decisions about how to keep our troops safe and prepared than the former commander of the United States Central Command, a position directly involved in some of the most pressing situations facing our military in the Middle East and North Africa?

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