ROGER WICKER: Mississippi leads way to new tech frontier

In rural states like Mississippi, connectivity can be a challenge. And yet, our state has become a national leader in groundbreaking technological advances.

I had the opportunity to share a few of these success stories at the University of Mississippi’s Technology Summit on August 31. The summit drew some of the world’s leading companies in technology, health care, and defense.

One such success story is the use of precision agriculture by Mississippi farmers. Darrington Seward, for example, is employing technology to help with soil management, planting, harvesting, machine communications, and irrigation on his 22,000 acres of land in Louise. Seward, who has earned national attention for his use of precision agriculture, testified earlier this year at a congressional hearing about the impact of technology and high-speed broadband on the productivity and profitability of his family farm. For him and so many other farmers, precision agriculture is changing the way we grow crops and improve their yields.

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