ROGER WICKER: Plenty of accomplishments in research bill

The House of Representatives has passed the “21st Century Cures Act” – a long-awaited bipartisan package of legislative items that promises to spur innovative medical research and remove barriers to groundbreaking new patient treatments.

The Senate is expected to consider the bill in the coming days, and I anticipate it will draw similarly strong support.

Several of my legislative priorities were included in the final version of “21st Century Cures.” One of these priorities is the development of prize competitions for research break- throughs. Last year, I authored the “EUREKA Act” as a way to help initiate prize competitions in the fight against Alzheimer’s. The bill earned the bipartisan endorsement of 62 lawmakers in the Senate. We all saw the potential for public-private partnerships to be a game-changer in Alzheimer’s research. The best minds should be put together to cure this devastating disease.

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