Wicker Pledges GOP Will Adhere to Strict Spending Limits

As the Senate was preparing to finalize the fiscal 2016 budget resolution, both sides seem to want the spending blueprint to be an election issue next year.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Roger Wicker, R-Miss., for instance, is touting the new GOP majority approach as returning the Senate to normal operations.

“The new Republican majority came in, opened up the process, exhibited a determination to return to regular order, and so we have a major achievement today,” Wicker told reporters Tuesday.

The Senate is scheduled adopt the budget conference report before the end of Tuesday’s session.

Wicker said the budget “aspires” to balance over a decade, putting the onus on voters to decide if that’s the course on which the country goes forward once President Barack Obama is no longer in the White House.

“Whether we get there or not will depend a lot on what the voters decide in next year’s presidential election and in the Senate and House races. But as compared to the president of the United States, who decided not even to try for a balanced budget, our budget that we will enact today aspires to come to balance in 10 years,” Wicker said. He added that economic growth could help balance the budget even sooner.

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