Achievement trumps bickering for conservatives

When you read these pages, you may have picked up on a theme: reported division among Mississippi conservatives. A recent article by my colleague, Sen. Michael Watson (“Shame on officials who won’t get in trenches, fight Common Core”) didn’t help. I was surprised by his vitriol in that piece. Reading it, you would think that conservatives in the Legislature are divided against themselves. The truth is, we’re not; and the results show it. The evidence proves that I and other Senate conservatives support Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and that Reeves supports conservative policies. Let’s look at examples of this productive relationship and why it’s so important that we keep working together.

First, conservatives’ goals have been the same, no matter the gossip or the noise. Leadership calls the votes, and we vote our beliefs: worker’s compensation reform, fixing broken schools, tax breaks to help create jobs, incentives for job creation and for businesses to locate here, expanding religious freedom, protecting life and guarding Second Amendment rights — the list goes on. None of these would have passed without strong support from conservatives or without Reeves.

Sen. Will Longwitz
Clarion Ledger OP-ED