Sen. Billy Hewes amping bid for lieutenant governor

The campaign of state Sen. Billy Hewes III for lieutenant governor is about to send a shock wave through Mississippi’s political structure.
Hewes, according to some of his campaign correspondence that has been leaked to me, has already raised about $300,000 in campaign contributions and pledges, this far out from the 2011 elections.
The Coast, for the first time in a long time, may field a very serious candidate for statewide office.
I suspect the Hewes campaign is giddy over this — that’s probably why I was leaked this info. Three hundred thousand smackers might be enough to scare off some competition for the office, make someone who’s straddling the fence on it slide on off.
I understand this $300,000 is mostly from two fundraisers, with more than 145 people contributing. That rivals Gov. Haley Barbour’s fundraising down here, which shattered all records.
Hewes is in the game.