The Senate Rules Committee has approved a two day hearing for their Universities and Colleges Committee. The dates for those hearings are set for September 10 and 11, and the hearing will take place at the capitol.

State Senator Doug Davis (R-Hernando), Chairman of the Senate Universities and Colleges Committee, made the following statement:

“I sincerely appreciate the Senate Rules Committee approving this hearing request. The purpose of this meeting will be to have a discussion regarding our university system. Since I have been in the Senate many conversations have been had regarding our K-12 and community and junior college systems, and good policy has resulted from those conversations. With issues facing our public universities such as tuition increases, funding formulas and college presidential searches, it is time we have a serious conversation regarding our higher education system. I look forward to having these discussions, and I look for good legislation to come from this hearing. My goal is to ensure Mississippians have the best university system possible.”

Senator Doug Davis Press Release